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Izzi's in Bukit Bintang

  frack_ and i will be meeting for lunch at Izzi's on Monday to sample the scrumptious desserts they have there! perhaps it's also something of a filler post to remind the members that y'know, iLOL will be kicking off :)

food venue  Izzi's at Bukit Bintang
date  Monday, 11th August 2008
time @ place  1pm @ Sg Wang Monorail Station

  do reply to this entry if you'd like to join, so we will know if we're waiting for anyone! :D Izzi's is having a lunch special where it's only RM13 for a set meal (not including desserts)! *w* the desserts range from about RM4 to RM6, but they are really really yummy!

  if you plan to go, do try to dress in lolita attire :3 something simple and understated, or maybe go all-out if you like. i'll be somewhere in the middle, in a white with black accent jumperskirt XD

- bunnychan86
- frack_
- silvennia
- rh11 (unconfirmed)
- m][cH][6o (unconfirmed)


  hello hello, and welcome to itadaki_loli! we already have a msianloliclub where fans of lolita in Malaysia gather... though it functions more or less like a database. so itadakimasu: Lolita Outing Lovers (iLOL for short) will function more as a lolita outing organisation for lolita meet-ups in Malaysia.

  there are already meet-ups held in Malaysia, but very few that encourages all the participants to wear lolita attires... also, the activities are usually just meeting up somewhere and hanging around! not that it's bad, of course so at iLOL, we're going to organise meet-ups with motives, like organising group trips to the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (so loli, right?), or for plays... and perhaps we can encourage to have regular meet-ups so people get a chance to wear their dresses more often! maybe we can even organise trips around Malaysia (for the over-18s) to meet lolitas all over~

  perhaps you think, "oh, we have a forum already, so why use livejournal?" well, that's because it's easier to keep track of outing informations in a LJ community, as well as organise replies :) it's easy to update your confirmation to come too, since if you reply to a post, original poster will be able to know ASAP without referring to perhaps pages and pages of spam! because this community's membership is moderated, it will hopefully keep away strangers who may mean us harm when we go out since we're mostly girls...

  so if you enjoy going to places in lolita dresses to meet up, talk lolita, and have fun, do join us! LJ accounts are not hard to get, and they're pretty simple to use