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itadaki_loli's Journal

itadakimasu: Lolita Outing Lovers
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a Malaysia-based lolita outing group

  If you enjoy going to places in lolita dresses to meet up and have fun, do join us! We're encouraging loliness in Malaysia and hopefully experience cultural things such as going to mamak in loli (teh o ais limau, anyone?), attending afternoon tea, going to museums or parks... and generally get to know each other! ^_^

  Because lolita is still a growing culture in Malaysia, we can perhaps get together to learn more about it [over food] and cultural excursions where we can bring out our inner Elegance. It's also a reason for us all to wear our dresses somewhere, so it is strongly urged that attendees come to outings in their loli attires! \*__*/ After all, it can't be a lolita outing if we're not wearing lolita...